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Quit Genius is Your Credible Guide for Quitting Cigarettes

If you are looking for the easiest and handy way of quitting smoking, then nothing can be better than downloading Quit Genius in your phone and then having your own guide in your pocket. Having Quit Genius with you is like having a personal coach who will accurately guide you through the way of quitting smoking. It’s a free downloading app for iOS and Android and the app includes therapy content and top quit smoking tips known to be personalized along with craving tools as well as a vibrant community which will help you in quitting smoking and staying smoke-free for your well-being. Having Quit Genius is like having an organized and encouraging mentor that you actually need for fighting with your addiction.

Quit Genius app comprises a quiz that is helpful in deciding the types as well as doses of nicotine gum, so that it can become helpful in effective ways. For example, if you are smoking less than 25 cigarettes per day and opting for gum consumption which contains 2mg nicotine to see how you would get on. Quit Genius will help you in a better start i.e. with 4mg gums if in case you are a heavy smoker. Quit Genius offers a personalized program which is designed by the real smokers as well as the experts around the globe. Quit Genius knows that the journey of quitting smoking is tedious and sometimes intolerable, which is why you will always have the guidance of the app at every step of your journey.

The program offered by Quit Genius is basically a 4 stage program and this program split into the bite-sized steps taking 5 minutes for day to attain completion. In that way, it can be easily integrated into any kind of schedule. With this program you can set your own date because Quit Genius focus more on preparing the inner you in setting a certain quit date in right ways. The CBT offered by Quit Genius is evidence based which means everything done by them occurs on scientifically proven levels based upon the deep researches in smoking cessation.

Quit Genius uses CBT for changing the ways of you act and think along with the mindfulness so that you can easily overcome your cravings. In this four stage program, the first step will be all about your smoking journey from where and why you started and in the other stage it will be all about the reasons you have figured to overcome this habit. In the third stage, you will be addressing all your misconceptions and in the last and the fourth stage, you are wholly ready for quitting your habit. Quit Genius also have blogs based upon e-cigarettes so that you can know more about these equipment.

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Quit Smoking with the Help of an Expert App

Smoking involves the consumption of tobacco and nicotine, which may be an aid for relieving stress, offering temporary pleasure as well as a habit of forced peer pressure. It is often a kind of social activity, where the people try it to look cool or just to blend in. However, they rarely realize that it can become an addiction. The nicotine in the cigarettes can reach into the body within seconds, and then it mimics with the activity of the neurotransmitters. Not only the youth, but there are innumerable celebrities who smoke cigarettes.

Basically, the nicotine will cause your brain to release increased adrenaline, thus giving you a boost of energy and calming your chaotic minds. Once this feeling goes away, people want to smoke more. Such is an effect of smoking, which further causes its addiction. And when people don’t smoke, it causes a series of withdrawal symptoms in them, making them feel sad or depressed, less heart rate, inability to sleep. Thus, it becomes difficult for the people to leave this habit.

At times, the people smoke cigarettes with alcohol, which may further amplify the ill-effects of smoking or alcohol on our body. This is often done to reduce the sleepiness caused by the alcohol and to keep them more alert and indulged in smoking. But little did they know that this combination can cause some serious trouble as well as problems for you in the near future. The nicotine causes the people to perceive that smoking is a kind of positive behavior. It disrupts the normal behavioral or thinking mechanisms of the brain, making them more and more inclined towards smoking. For the same purpose, there are a plethora of firms and experts who help the normal people to quit smoking with alcohol.

If you are looking for one such help and expert advice, then look no more and contact Quit Genius. It offers you one of the successful ways to quit this habit real easy and quick. This is available in both iOS and Android apps. They offer you a more of a personalized therapy that is designed to meet your needs and requirements. For the same reason, it has packs designed for this purpose that cater to the smoker’s degree of addiction, and often accompanied by a progress bar that offers you with an acknowledgment badge.

About Quit Genius:

Quit Genius is one of the trusted apps that offers its users with the top quit smoking tips which offer successful results.

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Stay Smoke-Free with Quit Genius

Quit Genius is the best app that would help in quitting smoking. Many smokers have tried so many things so that they can free themselves from the addiction of smoking, but they can’t. However, with the Quit Genius app you will get the access to the world’s first mobile cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) program that’s been scientifically proven to help you quit for good. Not only this app helps free yourself from smoking but through this app you can reduce stress, it helps you too sleep better and improve overall wellness. The quit smoking timeline app has helped so many people in getting rid of smoking. So if you are addicted towards cigarettes, hookah or cigar and want to get rid of it as soon as possible, then just download this amazing app right now and get off with the smoking addiction forever.

There are many people who don’t know the benefits of quitting smoking but with this amazing Quit Genius app one can enjoy the below advantages.


  • The sense of smell and taste returns to normal in only 48 hours- Many times due to the smoking problems it damages you taste buds so you don’t get to know smell and appreciate your favorite meals as much. But as you use this Quit Genius app you sense of taste and smell recovers fast so you come to taste and smell your favorite meal without any problem.
  • Breathe and exercise easier- Sometimes a lot of smoking problems damages your health totally, you cannot exercise properly and you face breathing problems as well. So if you want to get rid from this problem download Quit Genius app and see the change that within 2 weeks after you quit smoking you feel much fitter and better. This is because your blood circulation and oxygen level improve and you can breathe and exercise easier.
  • Younger skin and whiter teeth- Smoking damages your skin and teeth as well. With this your skin gets dull and your teeth loses its whitening and you look ugly and unattractive, so if you don’t want be look unattractive, take the help of Quit Genius app. Because with this app you get to rid of all the smoking addictions and your skin always remain young and beautiful plus your teeth also gets shining and whiter.

Quit smoking cold Turkey also helps women who are pregnant and addicted towards smoking. By using this app many smoking addicted women free themselves from the smoking issues and delivered a healthy baby. This amazing Quit Genius pregnancy pack has everything that you need to know and about how you can successfully quiet smoking and stay smoke- free always.

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Quit Genius will Help You in Quitting Cigarettes

Cigarette smoking is indeed injurious to health but when you don’t consider quitting it even in your pregnancy, it can be injurious for your unborn child as well. So, if you are highly addicted to cigarette and smoking while pregnant but desperately want to quit because of the health of your child, then Quit Genius can help you in this. With the help of this tool your chances of quitting smoke will be increased in your pregnancy. The functional efficiency of Quit Genius is proven effective by several scientific surveys. Thus, at any stage of pregnancy you can quit smoking because Quit Genius is here to help. Choosing Quit Genius means you and your baby both are safe and indeed you will be benefitted hugely when you pick to quit smoking while your pregnancy.

With this quit smoking app, you will be capable of losing any kind of complications’ risk while the situation of pregnancy such as miscarriages, infections and bleeding along with giving birth to a healthier child. Considering Quit Genius means, you have your personal therapist right inside your pocket. The app helps in kicking all those habits that are turning you into a binge smoker. So, whenever or wherever you need it, just check your pocket and take your therapist out. The app is acclaimed for being personalized around you and is available for iPhone as well as for Android. Getting therapy from Quit Genius means you are considering a real therapy that will definitely help and work.

Quit Genius is the best way to quit smoking because it personalizes plan for helping all those who long for leading a smoke free life. The app consist customized content for therapy along with craving tools and vibrant community. This is help you in quitting smoking promptly so that you can stay smoke-free for your own well being. Quit Genius is also a smoking tracker with the help of which you can easily track the improvements in your health and apart from that you can also see how much money you have saved without smoking. You can also log your cravings for getting the achievement badges in the form of your progress.

All you need to do is just figure out what are your smoking triggers and then complete the packs for helping you in breaking your smoking schedules. From cutting down the stress to preventing weight gain and sleeping better, Quit Genius will personalize your whole journey based upon your needs.

For further information, visit Quitgenius.com

Quit Smoking and Lead a Healthy Life

Smoking has ruined physical as well as mental health of numerous people, initially people smoke just to accompany their friends but day by day smoking takes control over the person’s life. Later, if people try to leave the smoking habit they fail miserably. Various advertisements on television are broadcasted to spread awareness about deleterious effects of smoking on an individual’s health.

Government organizes massive campaigns which always seem to focus on the adverse effects of smoking cigarettes. You can see a huge difference between the health graph of the one who smokes and the one who doesn’t smoke. Most of the men and women are addicted to smoking, even after being aware of its consequences, lung infections, heart disease etc. You might suffer from lung cancer; if you are a habitual smoker; in fact you are doing nothing but inviting fatality. You must leave this habit as early as possible; at least cigarette should not be the reason for declining health.

When a person smokes a cigarette, there is no doubt he is ruining out his life days but if a woman is involved in smoking while pregnant then she is damaging health of two persons, one is herself and the another one is in her womb. A pregnant woman should never smoke otherwise it may risk life of her baby. In various scientific researches, it has been proved that people who are addicted to smoking are more likely to suffer from coronary heart disease and lung cancer.

If you want to become parent of a healthy baby then you should immediately stop smoking during pregnancy. Don’t take this truth on a lighter note because if you smoke during pregnancy it may adversely affect your to-be-born baby. Chances are that you might deliver a premature baby or a baby suffering from weight loss, preborn sickness or lowered brain health. You must not harm your baby’s life just because of smoking addiction. Say no to the cigarettes and step forward towards a healthy life. If you are addicted to smoking you must visit official website of Quit Genius to explore more about the side effects of smoking.

About Quit Genius:

The main motto of Quit Genius is to spread awareness regarding disadvantages of cigarette smoking. When you visit official website of Quit Genius, you will have access to multiple blogs and high-quality contents related to smoking including negative consequences of second hand smoking.

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Smoking and Nicotine and a Healthy Way to Quit It

Are you a chain smoker or an addict? No matter how much you try, this habit rarely goes away or leaves your back, right? Smoking habit usually follows due to a highly addictive substance called Nicotine, which can be regarded as the dangerous stimulant. It enters our body through the bloodstream and causes intense cravings. Thus, the person becomes an addict for life or for a longer duration. There is the best way to quit smoking and that is described in detail in this article.

With the studies garnered in this realm, there are ample of theories that could suggest how and why smoking can become addictive as well as a health hazard. The nicotine found in the cigarettes are known to speed up the functioning of the body systems, and this speeding up can cause a lot of tension and stress on the body in return. Nobody likes to be told what to do, and when it comes to leaving something that offers temporary pleasures and relaxation, no matter how much people see the disadvantages nobody’s going to leave it this soon.

The tensions and pressure of the worldly chaos have left a deep impact on our tiny selves, and in order to escape this for a moment, people choose cigarettes as their only solace. But little did they know that this nicotine causes a craving and even if they plan to leave, people encounter a series of discomfort. Within seconds of inhalation it causes relaxation, arousal as well as improved focus and concentration. Still one should not ignore the ability of the same cigarettes to produce deformation in the brain structure. And the withdrawal symptoms can become a huge risk, mental toll as well as completely painful for the one planning to leave this since day.

Not to forget, just one cigarette can lead to the decrease in the overall lifespan of the smoker. Quit Genius is one of the best and successful ways to get rid of the habit of the smoking. The app is available on both Android as well as iOS, and through the proven results it is more effective as compared to quitting cold turkey. The therapy is personalized and offers benefits of quitting smoking, thus offering you treatments and results according to your needs, requirements and according to your level of addiction. The complete packs are curated to help you break the addictive smoking habit and a progress bar that acknowledges your journey so far by offering you a batch.

About Quit Genius:

Quit Genius is a reputed quit smoking app that has shown its results and effectiveness which was way more as compared to the other treatment and sorts.

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